Meetings Along the Edge | Gamer Guides: Your ultimate sou... (2024)

Jackson PlainsComplete the Side Job “Poem of the Atoms


Technically located in the Jackson Plains, Badlands, this Side Job is also just south of the southern-most part of Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo (see map, above).

Complete the final meditation session with the Zen Master and he’ll leave behind the “Altar” item.

Meditate with Zen Master

This is the final Side Job involving the Zen Master. Find him and agree to meditate. The only thing novel here is that he’ll offer to answer one of your questions as you start the meditation, but this is just flavor and there’s no practical reason to choose one response over another. After the meditative braindance ends (pay the Zen Master or not - it’s your call), the Zen Master will be gone, and Johnny will be sitting nearby. After some chatter you be free to pick up the shards left behind, as well as the Altar item, which will customize your apartment.

Meetings Along the Edge | Gamer Guides: Your ultimate sou... (2024)


Where is meetings along the edge cyberpunk? ›

Meetings Along The Edge - Rancho Coronado

This location is far out, looking beyond the city. You must go through Rancho Coronado to its edge, as in the photo above. You must walk all the way up this desert mountain. There is only one fast travel terminal halfway; the rest of the way must be walked.

Should you pay the Zen Master Cyberpunk? ›

As it turns out, nothing. Doesn't matter if you pay him or not, result is the same, end is the same. Their is no consequence good or bad to spending the cash. The other thing that makes no sense is that each time as you progress to the next quest in the chain the option to give Euros is higher each time.

Where to put an altar in cyberpunk? ›

Overview. A monk's altar that can be put up for display in V's Apartment.

How to get Stadium Love cyberpunk? ›

Stadium Love Side Job Objectives Cyberpunk 2077
  1. See what's going on.
  2. Talk to the 6th Street leader.
  3. Take the gun.
  4. Go to the first station.
  5. Get as many points as possible. ( 44/46)
  6. Drink the shot.
  7. Return to the 6th Street leader.
  8. Ask about your results.
Sep 25, 2023

Can you meet Mr Hands cyberpunk? ›

The private room to meet Mr. Hands is located on the third floor of the building. After finally meeting the mysterious Mr. Hands face to face, he reveals to V his plan to dethrone Hansen as the leading authority of Dogtown.

Are there missable side quests in cyberpunk? ›

Missable Cyberpunk Quest: Bullets

"Bullets" is a completely missable hidden quest in Cyberpunk depending on whether the player is an avid clothing shopper or not. To trigger the quest, V must speak to Zane Jagger, the clothing vendor of Jinguji in downtown Night City, a second time.

Should I stay loyal to Dex Cyberpunk? ›

So it's all a bit of decoy decision that feels like it has an impact but ultimately has no real effect whatsoever. Whatever you say things will play out in exactly the same way and you'll reach the same point later, so don't lose sleep over this one.

Should I betray voodoo Cyberpunk 2077? ›

Conclusion. Regardless of what the player chooses, be sure to grab the Bully mod behind the NetWatch Agent in this room before leaving. Both choices have a fair share of moral ambiguity and consequences, but in terms of gameplay, it seems like siding with the Voodoo Boys is the best choice here.

What happens if you leave Jackie in the car? ›

What Happens If You Leave Jackie's Body In The Car? If you leave Jackie's body in the car, it will decompose and release a foul odor. The car will also become infested with flies and other insects.

Can you save Jackie in cyberpunk? ›

How to give Cyberpunk 2077 Jackie Welles the send off he deserves. Can you save Jackie in Cyberpunk 2077? Spoiler alert! Unfortunately not, and you have the heartbreaking job of deciding where to send his remains.

Do you get a girlfriend in cyberpunk? ›

Cyberpunk 2077 romance options for both relationships and sex permeate through the game, with multiple romanceable characters across the entirety of the game. As you play Cyberpunk 2077, you'll meet Panam, Judy, River and Kerry - among others - and have the chance to build romances with them.

Can you steal the gun in Stadium Love cyberpunk? ›

Talk to the 6th Street leader. Take the gun.

How do you get rich in cyberpunk? ›

it's pretty easy to make money... just do side missions on the map. Pick up and sell weapons and other stuff you get from gang bodies and loot chest n such.

Where is over the edge Cyberpunk 2077? ›

How To Start Over The Edge. Whenever you go near the Megabuilding H4 in Santo Domingo, you will notice graffiti with a green mark on one of the sides. You will also see a braindance device that you can use, and this will trigger a cutscene showing the trailer for the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime show.

Where do I meet Meredith in cyberpunk? ›

During the conversation, you must indicate that you want to see her again, and in response, she'll invite you to the No-Tell Motel. After that, the 'Venus In Furs' side job will trigger, which consists of going to that establishment and meeting Meredith.

How do you meet Kerry in cp77? ›

You won't get an introduction to Kerry until you're quite far into the main story and have completed Rogue's side missions. The side job Holdin' On is where you'll first meet Kerry and you'll have a series of quests which allow you to get to know him better.


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